What to post on LinkedIn to generate leads?: 5 examples of posts

LinkedIn is much more than a professional networking platform. 

It is also a powerful tool for generating quality leads. 

Whether you are a Freelancer, CEO, Sales or even a student, you must offer qualitative content to generate interest, increase your impression and, then, generate leads. Your personality should shine through in each of your posts. 

To do this, you need to think about a relevant and engaging content strategy, to attract the attention of your target audience and establish unique relationships. 

Easy to say, but how do you find THE post that will make the difference? Which content should you choose?

In this article, we will explore 5 post ideas to publish on LinkedIn to stimulate lead generation. 🫶

Publish blog posts

Share excerpts from your blog posts. 

Present common problems your audience faces and provide solutions… But not too many

The goal is to hold out the carrot to your network. 🥕

Encourage the reader to click on the link to your article for more information. To do this, make sure you offer concise and interesting content. 

LeadnLead advice: don't hesitate to create a LinkedIn carousel by listing what you we will find in your article. 

Offer case studies and customer testimonials 

Highlight your customer success stories with detailed case studies and testimonials. Explain how your company solved their problems and detail the results achieved. 

By publishing this type of content on LinkedIn, you demonstrate that you are a credible and serious person in your field. This encourages your leads to consider working with you, because you are proposal

LeadnLead advice: writing is good, watching is better! If your customer agrees, do not hesitate to make a short video to summarize all the actions taken to help the customer. Video is the ideal format to convince.  

Publish tutorials 

Videos tend to get more engagement and therefore can attract the attention of potential customers.

As with the case study, don’t hesitate to present your solutions on video!
Create short and informative videos, which you can relay on LinkedIn, but also on your other networks. 

To find inspiring topics, don’t hesitate to use tools like Answer the Public to be on trend. 

Ask open-ended questions and surveys

Spark interaction with your community! 

Ask open-ended questions that your audience can answer in the comments.

Surveys are also useful for gaining valuable information about your audience's needs and preferences, which can then be used to personalize your offers.

You will make dialogue easy and natural. What's better for generating leads? 🤔

Discuss upcoming events 

Announce future events your company will participate in. You will be able to plan meetings, but also show your expertise depending on the trade shows or meetings where you will be present. 

Provide an overview of the topics that will be covered and explain the benefits for participants. 

What to post on LinkedIn to generate leads? - what you must remember

These LinkedIn posts can help generate leads for your business. 

Above all, make sure to stay consistent in your posts and actively engage in conversation with those who engage with your content. 

By combining smart content strategy with authentic interaction, you can turn your LinkedIn posts into meaningful growth opportunities for your business.

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

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