LinkedIn, what is it?

LinkedIn is the social network that allows users to connect with their professional network. It also allows you to discover career opportunities, publish content dedicated to your sector of activity and find employers.

Much more than a simple networking tool, it is a flagship platform for prospecting your future clients. It is a professional showcase used to develop a network and highlight one’s profile and personality.

But what are the real functionalities of the tool? What's the point ? LeadnLead covers the subject for you today. ????

What are the features on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, what is it? - features on linkedin

LinkedIn has several features for users:

  • Professional profile creation: LinkedIn users can create a detailed online profile. Here, we talk about their work experience, skills and training.

  • Connection Search: Users can search and connect with other professionals, to build a network of contacts.

  • Publishing Content: Users can post content for their network, such as articles on professional topics, career updates, and opportunities.

  • Job search: you can search for job opportunities using the “job offers” function on the platform.

  • The creation of a "Company" page: companies can create pages on LinkedIn to present their business, share their products/services or even publish advertisements seeking candidates.

  • Professional Groups: Users can join online professional groups to discuss specific topics with other professionals.

Opportunities to seize on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, what is it? - opportunities to seize on LinkedIn

There are several good reasons to register on LinkedIn:

#1 Develop your professional network:

LinkedIn is an effective way to connect and get to know other professionals in your industry or area of expertise.

#2 Improve your online visibility:

By creating a detailed profile on LinkedIn, you can show off your expertise and work experience to a wide audience. With a complete profile, your profile has optimal SEO.

#3 Look for career opportunities: 

LinkedIn is a popular recruiting platform for employers, so you can use this network to discover and apply for job opportunities.

#4 Improve your personal branding:

By posting content to the network, you can make yourself known on LinkedIn, be identified as an expert in your field and improve your personal brand.

#5 Stay informed about your industry: 

By joining professional groups on LinkedIn, you can discuss topics relevant to your industry and stay informed about industry trends and news.

#6 Enrich your skills:

LinkedIn also offers a platform for paid and free online training to help users develop their professional skills.

LinkedIn: the free and Premium version

LinkedIn, what is it? - the free and premium version

LinkedIn offers a free version, but also different Premium subscriptions with additional features for users who want to get the most out of their experience on the professional social network.

Free LinkedIn features include creating a profile, connecting with other users, searching for jobs, and distributing content.

With a Premium subscription, features are added such as advanced candidate search, access to employer information and additional features to improve profile visibility and job search. 

Premium subscription costs vary depending on the features selected, [but is it worth it?]( cut/) 

LinkedIn: a flagship tool to enrich your network

There are several steps to networking well on LinkedIn:

#1 Create a detailed profile: Make sure your profile highlights your expertise and work experience. Use relevant keywords to help you be discovered by recruiters and/or your future clients.

#2 Connect with other professionals: invite people you already know to join your network. You can also find new connections by searching for people in your industry.

#3 Participate in professional groups: Join professional groups relevant to your industry and participate in discussions by posting content and commenting on other users' posts.

#4 Publish content regularly: share content that proves your expertise and passion for your field. This may include articles, images or videos.

#5 Engage with your network: like, comment and share your network's posts to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn.

#6 Research career opportunities: Use LinkedIn to discover job opportunities and apply for jobs that interest you.

By keeping these steps in your mind, you can develop a strong and useful network on LinkedIn that can help you improve your career and personal brand.

LinkedIn: a lead generator?

LinkedIn, what is it? - a lead generator

LinkedIn is a powerful network for attracting new customers and developing your brand identity. However, a few actions must be accomplished:

Develop a comprehensive profile: Your profile should reflect your expertise and work experience. Use relevant keywords to help attract your potential prospects.

Connect with these prospects: Use the LinkedIn search feature to find prospects based on their industry, job title, or geographic location. Invite them to join your network. You can add a personalized message to your connection request, explaining why you want to connect with your prospect. Obviously, manually adding all your prospects can take time, a lot of time. There are tools that can do this for you in just a few minutes. Revolutionary ? Yes.

Publish quality content: your subscribers expect you to teach them things. Share educational content. Help with the 80-20 rule: 80% on various topics around your sector of activity and 20% on your company and your products/services.

By following these steps, you can develop a digital strategy for generating leads on LinkedIn that can help you achieve your business goals. It is important to continue engaging with your prospects and publishing quality, regular content to build a lasting relationship and generate sales opportunities.

LinkedIn, what is it for? : What you must remember

LinkedIn is one of the only professional social media outlets that can help users grow their careers and personal brands. So you might as well use it as it should to optimize your chances of achieving all your objectives!

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