How to collect leads from your competitors?

The ultimate hack for effective B2B lead generation on LinkedIn.

We all know that in the business world, competition is fierce. Between the benchmark, network monitoring and the sales pitch, we sometimes forget B2B prospecting.

So, to give it back its nobility, we reveal the best way to quickly collect qualified prospects on LinkedIn: contact and try to convert your competitors' leads.

Obviously, this approach is 100% legal.
At LeadnLead, our platform dedicated to lead generation, we only deliver good deals!

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How to collect leads from your competitors? - The different steps

First of all, you will need to go to the network where everything happens among the pros: LinkedIn.

Before you start collecting leads from your competitors, make sure you have a completed LinkedIn profile 100% and an attractive profile.

1. Filter leads

What would LinkedIn be without its filters? It is our first weapon to unearth our precious contacts.

To do this, type your leads' profession in the search bar. Once the search is complete, click on the “People” filter. Then, you are free to refine your search. You can choose the location, for example.

LeadnLead advice: for this search, we advise you to filter by region or department. You will understand why in step 2.

2. Add a creator

And this is where our resource of qualified leads is hidden!

Now, click on “All filters”, scroll through the list that is displayed on the right and type the name of an influential personality in your sector of activity.

Once your list is filtered, all you have to do is contact them…

3. Using LeadnLead

As a reminder, you can contact up to 200 active members on LinkedIn/week.

A great opportunity, but one that takes time to do manually. This is why we developed LeadnLead.

Once our extension is downloaded, all you have to do is create your contact list and import your leads into this list.

Then, launch an “Invitation” or “Invitation + 2 messages” campaign to get in touch with your competitors’ leads! Very smart, right?

How to collect leads from your competitors? - What you must remember

As you will have understood, collecting leads from your competitors on LinkedIn is a great tip for boosting your B2B prospecting.
By carefully following the steps we have shared, you will be able to explore new business opportunities while complying with legal and ethical standards.

Remember, competition should not just be seen as an obstacle, but rather as an invaluable source of inspiration and valuable contacts.
You can expand your professional network with key players in your sector.

Above all, don't forget the importance of an attractive LinkedIn profile and a well-thought-out hook message. Every interaction counts, and the quality of your exchanges can make the difference in lead conversion.

Finally, if you are looking to optimize and automate this process, tools such as LeadnLead can be valuable allies. Keep in mind that efficiency should never sacrifice legality and ethics.

So, it’s up to you!

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