How to prospect on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, more than half of members think that it is a network dedicated to recruitment. In reality, it's much more than that. 

Expanding your professional network, finding business opportunities and even prospecting: this is the very essence of the network! 

Know that B2B is always open to exchange: ultimately, this is the main objective on LinkedIn.

In this article, we explain how to launch a prospecting strategy on LinkedIn. 

Establish your LinkedIn personas

Let's go back to the basics: what is a marketing persona? It's simply a way of describing your ideal customer. 

If you get the persona wrong, the rest of your marketing strategy risks falling short. So, take a few moments to really figure out who this person is that you want to reach. Ask yourself simple questions like: 

  • His genre, 

  • His age, 

  • His/her profession, in what sector of activity does he/she work, 

  • His leisures

LeadnLead advice: forget the idea of pleasing everyone

Don't try to reach everyone from the start. Instead, start capturing a niche, then expand the target as you go. 

The clearer and more precise your persona is, the more you will be able to aim and personalize your approaches to boost your conversions.

Make your LinkedIn profile visible

That’s good, we wrote an article on the subject. An extract to complete our remarks here

Complete your profile 

Make sure you have a complete and up-to-date profile, including a professional photo, a detailed summary and a complete list of your experience and skills.

Connect with other professionals 

The more connections you have, the more likely you are to be visible. It's important to make connections with colleagues, potential employers, and other relevant professionals in your field.

Share relevant content 

Regularly share interesting and relevant content for your field, this will help you get noticed and establish your digital strategy.

Interact with other people’s posts 

Like, comment, and share other people's posts to establish your presence and show your engagement.

Use the appropriate keywords 

Use keywords relevant to your field in your profile and in posts to make it easier for recruiters and potential employers to find you.

LinkedIn filters

LinkedIn filters are a real gold mine, provided you know how to use them… 

You can first filter your personas according to their sector of activity, their location, use Boolean operators… And even recover your competitor's community.

The approach on LinkedIn

To be convincing, you have to organize yourself, be clear in your approach without being too intrusive. 

Yes, yes, you have to know how to be delicate… 

The hook 

Think of a short, intriguing sentence to arouse the reader's curiosity. Personalize it according to your prospect segment.

Value proposition

Explain in one or two sentences how you or your product solves the problem mentioned in the teaser.

Call to action 

Encourage your prospect to find out more, by guiding them towards the next steps: the link to your landing page, for example.

How to prospect on LinkedIn? - What you must remember

LinkedIn is much more than just a search for professional opportunities. 

It’s a powerful way to expand your network, find business opportunities, and grow your business. 

By following a well-defined strategy: defining your personas, using LinkedIn filters wisely and thinking about a persuasive approach, you will be able to fully exploit the potential of this platform.

Remember, the key is personalization and precision. 

Don't try to please everyone, but focus on a specific niche to achieve more significant results.

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