How to add Open to work on LinkedIn?

It’s back to school! And who says new professional year, says new opportunity.

If you are a student, now is the time to announce your entry into the job market thanks to the famous #opentowork functionality on your favorite network: LinkedIn.

Today, we will discover together how to update your profile and add this filter to your profile photo. 

Let's go ! 🔥

What does Open to work mean? 

Open to work, translates as “Open to work”, indicates to your network that you are looking for a new opportunity.

The goal is simple: improve user profiles and make job searches easier.

Let's say that since its birth in 2020, the number of profiles who have found a job thanks to LinkedIn has continued to grow. 

Open to work, how does it work? 

There are different ways to report #opentowork on LinkedIn ⬇️

The filter ????

This filter is added to your LinkedIn profile photo

Easily identifiable, it is an effective way to let your entire network know that you are looking for a job.

The badge

This badge is published under the description of your profile photo. 

With this feature, you can provide more information about what you are looking for ???? the job title, types of locations, your location, your availability and finally the type of contract you are looking for.

The hashtag ⌨️

Finally, #opentowork can also be used on your LinkedIn posts.

LeadnLead tip: Attach your CV in your message so that your network can republish your post.

How to put #opentowork on LinkedIn?

Here's how to add the feature to your profile ⬇️

Add filter

On your profile, click on your profile photo and select “Frames”. Select the third: Open to Work.

Add badge

Go to your profile and select the “Open to work” insert

By clicking on it, this is where you will enter your job title, your location, the desired contract, etc.

You now have the list of all publications with #opentowork. As a bonus, you can subscribe to this hashtag and not miss any posts in which it is mentioned!

How to remove #opentowork on LinkedIn?

Return to your profile and select the pencil on your Open to work badge.

Scroll down to the bottom and click “remove from profile”.

Simple and effective, right?

And There you go ! You now know everything about the LinkedIn open to work badge!

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