What is the lead magnet?

What is the lead magnet?

In digital marketing, the lead magnet is THE essential tool for generating qualified leads. 

It's the opposite of intrusive advertising, it's what we call outbound marketing.

It is a tool that allows you to arouse the interest of prospects and then encourage them to interact with your brand.

Today, LeadnLead tells you everything about lead magnets. 

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

Lead Magnet: definition 

Let's picture the thing.

A lead magnet is a gift that a company offers to its visitors in exchange for valuable data: their information

Once this information (last name, first name, email address) is shared, it helps the company keep you on their radar and send you content that really interests you.

Sales managers use this information to offer you exactly what you need and support you until the purchase, this is what we call conversion.

So you leave with your gift and the company has just generated a qualified lead. Who says better ? ✨

4 lead magnet ideas

Now that you understand what a lead magnet is, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

LeadnLead gives you 4 lead magnet ideas to implement in your business. 

The ebook

The ebook is the popular tool in digital marketing. As effective as the merch tote bag. 

It is a detailed guide that covers a very specific subject. It offers valuable advice and in-depth analyzes on a specific area of activity. 

If, for example, you are a sales manager, you can consider writing an ebook “The 5 fundamentals of sales management”. 


Infographics are the most effective content, the one that visitors love. 

The objective of this content? Synthesize an idea by making it visual

You can promote it on different channels, always by exchanging contact details, obviously.

These visuals are also a great way to reinforce the visibility and expertise of your brand.

The Webinar

Webinars are interactive lives hosted by experts. They allow you to go in-depth on specific subjects live. 

It’s a 2.0 opportunity to learn, train and ask questions in real time. The advantage of live? You get expert advice, live. 

A free trial

If like LeadnLead, you are a growing SaaS company, free trials are an opportunity to test a product or service before investing. 

This allows you to assess the value and suitability for your specific needs before making a purchasing decision. 

Free trials build trust and give hands-on experience to fully evaluate what a brand offers.

What is the lead magnet? - What you must remember

As you will have understood, the lead magnet is an essential strategy in the field of digital marketing to attract and convert qualified prospects.

By using different lead magnet content such as the ebook, infographic, webinar or even a free trial offer, you encourage the visitor to engage and trust you. 

Each of these formats helps educate and convince the visitor of the value of your brand and your products/services. 

In short, the lead magnet is a super powerful tool for creating a connection with your audience.

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