What is Advocacy Marketing?

We would all like to represent a brand with a positive influence on our customers, to have hundreds, thousands of positive comments on our products and our customer service. 

And be able to be recommended without asking anyone. 

And you know what ? This is possible thanks to Advocacy Marketing.

This is THE strategy to adopt on social networks for any business.

LeadnLead tells you everything about Advocacy Marketing! 🥑

Advocacy Marketing - Definition

Advocacy Marketing, better known as recommendation or word-of-mouth marketing, is a marketing strategy that consists of mobilizing satisfied customers and transforming them into active brand advocates.

These customers essentially become brand ambassadors and share their positive experience with other people, which generates positive and authentic publicity.

Everyone tends to trust recommendations from their loved ones rather than traditional advertisements... [And we're not the ones saying it](https://www.statista. com/statistics/222698/consumer-trust-in-different-types-of-advertising/).

Once this information is recorded, you can only join the Advocacy. But how to implement this strategy within a company? 

Choose internal ambassadors

The Advocacy strategy will be a success if it is adopted and carried out by a collective. 

For this, we advise you to choose influential people, who enjoy relationships and who are full of creative ideas. 

Who better than your marketing and sales teams? 🤔

Your marketing and sales teams are the key to this strategy! They facilitate communications with customers. These interactions also have a positive impact on the customer experience, and that is the whole point of Advocacy. 

As a manager, make sure that the entire team is aligned on your sales and customer experience objectives so that your strategy is consistent at all levels.

LeadnLead Tip: Create a campaign designed to identify your customer advocates and include a reward for their participation. Your marketing team can help spread it and your sales team can use it as an incentive for potential customers. 

Train the team on Linkedin and copywriting

Copywriting has a significant impact on Marketing Advocacy.

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive text to attract attention and encourage action. When used well, copywriting can reinforce brand messaging and encourage happy customers to become active advocates.

And when the customer easily understands what the brand conveys through its values, its selling point, he will speak in his own words about why he loves your brand so much to those around him. 

If you want to find out more about copywriting, we wrote an article about it! ✍️

Advocacy content creation

UGC (User Generated Content) 

In French CGU, for user-generated content.

UGC is content shared spontaneously by your customers. It is obviously linked to your brand. The most shared content is photos, videos or testimonials. This allows you to share authentic experiences and highlight the advantages and benefits of your product or service.

For example : 

Do you take a photo of your dish in a restaurant? It’s UGC. 

Are you making a story to talk about the new film you saw at the cinema? It’s UGC. 

Do you share a review on Google? It’s UGC.

This content is a real asset for your brand! Don’t hesitate to reshare this content on your networks to show that real people appreciate your brand. This is the best argument for all your prospects. 

Make exclusive offers for brand advocates 

A customer is never more motivated when he knows that a reward is the key to his purchase. 💳

Reward your brand advocates with special discounts, exclusive perks or referral programs. 

In return, inform your customers about these offers on social networks. This will inspire them to become active advocates and share the benefits of your brand with their network.

Informative and educational content 

Share relevant and useful content for your target audience! 🎯

Depending on your industry, share tips, guides, tutorials, or relevant related information. By providing added value, you encourage people to share your content with their network.

Competition games

Run contests that encourage users to participate and share their experience with your brand. This can generate excitement and encourage sharing among participants and their loved ones. 💪

What is Advocacy Marketing? - What you must remember

You will have understood, Marketing Advocacy is a powerful strategy to strengthen the reputation of your brand, strengthen trust and links with your customers and above all... increase your sales

By encouraging your customers to share personal recommendations, you will succeed in having a solid base of satisfied customers who will actively and spontaneously contribute to the promotion of the brand.

By creating emotion and engagement in your texts, using social proof, you will encourage readers to take action. Good mastery of copywriting will undoubtedly mobilize your satisfied customers and promote positive word of mouth.

Above all, don't forget to adapt your content according to the social network and keep your target audience in mind! 

Test different types of content to see what works best with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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