How to use LinkedIn to develop your network?

LinkedIn, in a few figures it’s

  • 25 million members in France

  • The 6th most used social network in the world

  • 500,000 business accounts

  • Almost 900 million members worldwide

LinkedIn is the only professional network to have such an impact! 

If you want to make your company known, share your know-how and facilitate contact, LinkedIn is the place to do it. 

But you still need to use the professional social network... Here are 6 LinkedIn best practices to develop your network.

How to use LinkedIn to enrich your network?

How to use LinkedIn to enrich your network?

Develop your network on LinkedIn: optimize your profile

  • An attractive, professional profile photo

  • A cover photo related to its activity 

  • An attractive title, with emojis

  • A well-detailed description

  • A personalized URL link

  • An automatic prospecting software

Besides, if you want more advice on this subject, go to our article [optimize your LinkedIn profile]( -en-5-etapes/). We give lots of interesting tips!

Set publication frequencies 

Set publication frequencies

Posting on LinkedIn is good, frequently is better (and the algorithm says so)!

Publishing frequently is a lever for your online visibility. This allows you: 

  • To adopt a strategy: test different content with subscribers, analyze posts that are of interest and go in more depth on the subjects.

  • To have good visibility: publishing frequently on LinkedIn allows you to remain visible to your network and to make yourself known to new people.

  • Highlight your expertise: by regularly sharing content on LinkedIn, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and attract new commercial opportunities.

  • To optimize your engagement rate: by posting frequently, you encourage Internet users to interact with your content, which leads to discussions and networking opportunities.

  • To trigger career opportunities: by sharing regularly on LinkedIn, you can also get noticed by recruiters and trigger career opportunities.

Develop your network on LinkedIn: analyze the competition before launching ????????‍♂️

Analyze the competition before launching

Before publishing your own content, we recommend that you carry out social media monitoring.

The idea is not to copy competitors, but to do better.

  • Take inspiration from the problems encountered by their customers. This will allow you to generate interesting user insights that can give you the idea of the hook for your next LinkedIn publication, for example.

  • Look at the posts that worked the most, what were the topics? The format used (carousel, photo, video, etc.)?

  • Go further and don't look only at your competitors. Find out what's working right now on the LinkedIn network, according to the current algorithm.

Think about different themes for your posts

As we said above, test different topics to cover to capture preferences. It’s a gift, we have identified 5 topic ideas for you:

  • Talk about the problems encountered 

  • Talk about fun facts about your business (or about you)

  • How is recruitment going within your company?

  • What skills were acquired during the year?

  • What is your customers' main problem? Give a solution.

Furthermore, dealing with different subjects means that you know your sector perfectly, its positive points and the most difficult ones. Perfect for gaining the trust of your future customers.

Personalize your messages on LinkedIn

Personalize your messages on LinkedIn

Thanks to an automation tool

If you want to significantly increase your number of messages sent, using an automation tool will be beneficial to you. ????

Using triggers, you can send personalized messages to everyone who adds you to their network. 

With campaigns, you can send up to 100 connection requests per day, and once they are accepted, an automated, personalized message will be sent to your 100 new contacts to start the conversation.

But what's the point of automating your messages on LinkedIn? 

This is a considerable time saver. You can contact more people every day without extra effort. It is possible to develop your network very quickly, improve your sympathy and boost your visibility.

How to use LinkedIn to develop your network: what to remember

Use LinkedIn with a goal????

Do not hesitate to take a bias on your identity, the tone of your posts and your positions to draw up a real content strategy.

Update your LinkedIn profile to stand out

  • Add emojis to your profile title 

  • Test different topics to develop your brand image

  • Add people who are likely to be interested in your profile

  • Follow strategic #s to be able to interact and be visible

  • Send personalized and automatic messages

You now have all the keys to being visible and enriching your network on your LinkedIn page!

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