Skills to note on your LinkedIn profile

Today, LinkedIn has become one of the most important social networks for professionals. 

But which LinkedIn skills should you highlight on your profile? 

It is important to use the right terms on your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the competition. 

Today, LeadnLead has examined for you the most sought-after LinkedIn skills, including soft skills, and how to highlight them on your skills profile! 

LinkedIn skills - hard skills

LinkedIn skills are the key skills that you have acquired throughout your career. They can be technical skills or leadership skills, but they are all relevant to your field of activity. LinkedIn skills can help recruiters quickly identify the skills you bring to the table and decide if you're a good fit for a position.

It is important to note that LinkedIn Skills should be updated regularly to know the latest trends in the job market. You can also add new skills to your profile as you learn them.

What skills should I add on LinkedIn?

Depending on your sector of activity, the skills to add to your profile are not the same. 

However, there are qualities and interpersonal skills that please and are in tune with the times. 

You need to know how to identify the difference between:

  • The “know-how”, or the “hard skills”, your skills mentioned just above.

  • “Social skills” or “soft skills” we explain all that to you right here. 👇

Soft skills

Soft skills are non-technical skills related to human interactions. They include communication, collaboration, leadership, time management, conflict resolution and much more. Soft skills are increasingly sought after by employers because they are essential to the success of a business.

Soft skills can be demonstrated through concrete examples from your professional life. 

For example, you can describe how you resolved a conflict with a colleague, or how you worked as a team to complete a project. Soft skills are also a great opportunity to show off your personality and working style.

List soft skills on LinkedIn

When you create your LinkedIn profile, it is important to make a list of your soft skills. 

This allows recruiters to understand who you are as a person and comment that you work in a professional environment. You can also include examples of projects or experiences that highlight your soft skills.

The list of soft skills can be organized according to their relevance to your field of activity.

For example, if you work in marketing, soft skills such as creativity and strategic thinking may be particularly important. On the other hand, if you work in human resources, soft skills such as time management and conflict resolution may be more relevant.

It is also important to note that soft skills can be used to stand out from the competition. Many people have similar technical skills, but soft skills are what can really make a difference in a job application.

LinkedIn Skills Profile

The skills profile is an important section of your LinkedIn profile where you can highlight your key skills. This section is also a great place to showcase your soft skills.

When you create your skills profile, do not hesitate to choose the skills most suited to your field of activity.

Then, for each of the chosen skills, add concrete examples that demonstrate how you used them in your work. This will allow recruiters to see how you can apply your skills in their company.

Finally, remember that the skills profile should be regularly updated to know the latest labor market trends and the skills you have acquired. This will ensure that your LinkedIn profile remains up-to-date and relevant to recruiters.

How to modify your list of soft skills on LinkedIn?

If you want to pin different skills, you can! 

To do this, go to

  • “View profile”

  • Click on the “Skills” section

  • Click on the “🖊️” icon

Then click “...” and “Rearrange”.

Skills to note on your profile - what to remember

Technical skills are important, but soft skills are increasingly sought after by employers. 

By highlighting your key skills and soft skills on your LinkedIn profile, you can attract the attention of recruiters and increase your chances of finding a job.

Remember that the list of soft skills can be organized according to their relevance to your field of activity, and the skills profile should be regularly updated to allow for the latest work trends. Finally, make it clear to include real-world examples of your work to show how you can apply your skills in a company.

Take the time to showcase your skills on LinkedIn, it can make all the difference to your professional career.

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