New LeadnLead products

Hang in there, we've pushed hard for this update!

LeadnLead has decided to pull out all the stops and serve you all our features on a silver platter. ✨

Because it’s not one, not two, not three, but rather four new features that are appearing on our SaaS!

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01. Dropcontact integration

From now on, you can retrieve B2B emails and legal information from companies (SIRET, SIREN, VAT), while respecting GDPR requirements.

How to recover this data? Go to point 4.

##02. Import/Export CSV

This is the point that you, users, have told us the most!

As promised, you can now import and export your contacts easily via CSV files and work on them on your CRMs. A complementary solution.

03. Increase in quotas

Send up to 800 invitations per month and increase your chances of reaching your prospects.

##04. New automated sequences

Create automated prospecting sequences with “Profile visit + email” and “Invitation + 1 message” to save time and efficiency.

Ready to revolutionize your online prospecting?

With all these features, LeadnLead is poised to become the cheapest automation tool on the market.

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