LinkedIn search filters: How to use them well?

Using LinkedIn filters can greatly improve your search experience. Whether you're looking for a job, new clients, or professional contacts, LinkedIn search filters can help you find the right people and opportunities in no time.

In this article, we'll give you an overview of using LinkedIn search filters to help you optimize your use of the professional platform.

Why use LinkedIn search filters?

Would it be too obvious to answer “to clarify your research”? Yes. So, let's go further:

LinkedIn offers paid versions of the app (Premium and Sales Navigator) worth the cost? We answer it here. These versions allow you to have more filters and search results. Because yes, LinkedIn Freemium allows you to view only 1000 search results. Which is already not bad. But if the first 100 results don't match your needs, that's a shame. You might as well filter as much as possible according to your expectations to connect with the right people.

LinkedIn search filters for your job search: 

If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn search filters can help you find offers based on your experience, location, salary expectations, etc.

You can filter search results based on:

The location :

Choose a specific city or broaden your search by typing in a region.

Also, by clicking on “All filters” you have the possibility to choose the following conditions: “on site” to filter companies that favor face-to-face work, “Remote” for companies that prefer teleworking or even “hybrid ” for companies open to both possibilities.

The type of employment:

You can use LinkedIn search filters according to the type of job: full-time, part-time, internship or work-study, etc.

Experience level:

Indicate here if this is your first job, or if you are experienced in this area. 

The function sought:

To be sure to apply for the position of your dreams, indicate the title of the job offer as well as the sector of activity corresponding to your objectives.

The date of publication of the offer:

Sometimes companies forget to remove an ad. Favor the most recent job postings, in the last 24 hours or last week.

LeadnLead advice:

After using LinkedIn search filters to find the job you want, you can ask LinkedIn to record this information and send you an alert when a job matching your filters is posted.

LinkedIn search filters to find prospects:

If you're looking to grow your business by prospecting new potential customers, LinkedIn search filters can help you find relevant prospects based on location, industry, company size And much more. You can also use search filters to find people who have a specific interest or who have recently changed jobs.

Other filters may be interesting. Especially if you want to start a conversation after a connection. Here are our examples:

Example of professional approaches according to LinkedIn search filters:

The “Relationships” filter: 

  • 1st: You are connected with the person.

  • 2nd: You have at least one relationship in common with the person.

  • 3rd and above: You have a relationship that is connected with a person who is connected with this profile. 

This filter is ideal for reassuring the person who receives your invitation request. Seeing relationships in common, she may be more likely to agree to join your network. Also, this filter makes it easier to start a conversation. 

“Hello [Bruno], I saw that you were in contact with [person in question]. I would be interested in discussing with you about [subject in question]..."

The “sector of activity” / “preferred subject” filter:

If you use the LinkedIn “industry” search filter you can start a LinkedIn conversation like this:

“Hello [Bruno], I see that you work in [the sector of activity], I regularly post content on [the subject in question], it could be useful to you, do not hesitate to view my profile.”

First, you send a personalized message. This technique will attract more attention from your reader. You have found out about the person's sector of activity or centers of interest and suggested that they read free content, available on your LinkedIn profile. You offer them something without selling them anything and you generate traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

The “service categories” filter

I will talk about my own experience. I wanted to connect with people in the field of marketing, sales and commerce. The goal is to offer them a tool that would revolutionize their daily lives. An automatic prospecting solution. So I filtered by service category and noted “lead generator”. Thus, I was able to offer the tool to the people who need it the most.

“Hello [Bruno], I see that your daily quest is to generate leads, just like me. I would love to discuss this with you. What tools do you use on a daily basis to carry out your prospecting? Thank you for your return and wish you a pleasant day.”

By using LinkedIn search filters, you can save time by quickly finding the people and opportunities that interest you. Additionally, by using the right filters, you can improve the relevance of your searches and find more accurate results.

As seen previously, LinkedIn offers you 1000 results (if you are in Freemium). However, can you imagine clicking “connect” 1000 times manually? Or even personalize 1000 messages and send them one by one?

We have better to offer you.

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Filtering on LinkedIn: what to remember

In conclusion, using LinkedIn search filters is a great way to optimize your use of the professional platform. Whether you're looking for jobs, prospects, professional contacts, or relevant groups, LinkedIn search filters can help you find the right people and opportunities in no time. So use LinkedIn search filters now to improve your experience on this platform and import your prospects to LeadnLead to increase your chances of selling.

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