LeadnLead Quotas: How Does It Work?

LeadnLead is a Chrome extension that launches automated prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn.

For LeadnLead to function properly, action quotas are randomly set daily.

The goal is to protect your LinkedIn account while simulating human behavior.

But how do quotas work? That’s what we’ll see in this article.

Daily Quotas

LeadnLead Dashboard

LeadnLead Dashboard

Action quotas limit your daily prospecting actions. They are defined randomly by LeadnLead because LinkedIn restricts automated actions to avoid abusive behavior.

Without this quota restriction, LinkedIn is capable of sending you a first, then a second warning before restricting your LinkedIn account.

How Do Quotas Work?

Depending on your subscription, LeadnLead will perform a certain number of daily actions. You can find this information on the app dashboard.

Once the number of actions is reached, the remaining actions will be paused and will automatically resume the next day, provided that the LinkedIn and LeadnLead tabs are open.

How Many Quotas Can I Have with LeadnLead?

Depending on your subscription, the daily quotas vary...

Free Subscription

The Free subscription is limited to 160 invitations/month.

Pro Subscription

With the Pro subscription, you can send up to 750 invitations/month,

Import profiles via Sales Navigator,

Access exclusive sequences...

LeadnLead Quotas: How Does It Work? - Key Takeaways...

As you understood, these quotas are set to protect your account.

The positive point? This limit set by LinkedIn allows you to pre-select your leads to target the right people and focus on the quality of your prospects and actions.

And there you have it, you know everything about the limits of your prospecting actions!

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