How to send a message to your entire contact list on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, we always tend to want to expand our network, discover new opportunities without necessarily having already exchanged with our current contacts. 

Maintaining relationships is also part of the work of salespeople, freelancers or managers. 

This is why on LeadnLead, we created a “Message” sequence to reconnect you with your network. 

The Message sequence, how does it work? 

FYI, the Message sequence is only used to send messages to members of your network. These are called first-level relationships

Now, to automate the Message sequence, go to LeadnLead.

With the Pro offer, you can contact up to 800 people per month. We put that there. 😉

The Message sequence on LeadnLead

To send your messages as personalized as possible, here is the procedure to follow: 

  • On the pop up that appears on LinkedIn, click on “Import leads from a search”

  • Then click on the 1st relationship level

  • Create a contact list and import your prospects! 

  • Go to LeadnLead, click on “Launch a campaign”

  • Choose the Message campaign

  • Select the list of profiles you are going to use

  • Write your message by inserting the variables “last name” and “first name” or “company” if you need them.

  • Launch your campaign.

Example of professional message on LinkedIn

“Hello [[firstname]]! 

I looked through my contacts, and I noticed that we had never spoken before.

I will be delighted to discuss our different areas of expertise with you. I saw that you work at [[company]]? I would be curious to discuss your activity with you. 

For my part, I write posts that focus on communication and prospecting on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to it!


How to send a message to your entire contact list on LinkedIn? - What you must remember

You will have understood, our tool is the perfect solution to facilitate mass exchanges with your contacts. 

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