How to Schedule Messages on LinkedIn?

Most LinkedIn users think it is impossible to schedule messages on LinkedIn…

You might guess that if we bring up the subject, it’s because we have, of course, found a solution.

Want to know more? You are in the right place!

Why Schedule LinkedIn Messages?

A New Way to Build Your Network

Be proactive! By scheduling your messages, you take the initiative and surprise your interlocutors. By avoiding long response delays, you are likely to turn these connections into professional opportunities.

Time Saving

Scheduling messages on LinkedIn saves you time on this task. No need for immediate responses anymore; you can now focus on other aspects of your activity! Magic, isn't it?

Optimized Credibility

Scheduling LinkedIn messages shows that you are organized and forward-thinking.

To potential clients, you are credible and demonstrate a kind of respect towards your network. In short, all this has only a positive impact on your professional image!

Well, now that you are informed about the advantages of scheduling your messages, let's see how it concretely works!

How to Schedule LinkedIn Messages?

Use the LinkedIn “Message” Sequence!

It’s as simple as that.

The advantage of this automation? You can schedule your message to a dozen, or even a hundred people! All while personalizing the recipient's name, first name, or company name.

After downloading LeadnLead, go to the main page of the extension and click on the "Start a campaign" extension.

Import Your Contacts

Here, by clicking on the button on the right, you are directly redirected to the LinkedIn search page. You can either import your contact or create a list of contacts who share a common characteristic, such as their job, for example.

Then, open the LeadnLead pop-up, create the list of prospects, and you're done!

2. Start a Campaign

Now, back on the LeadnLead dashboard!

Click on the "Start a campaign" CTA, choose the Message campaign, select the list of your choice, and write your message.

LeadnLead Message

How to Schedule Messages on LinkedIn? - Key Takeaways

As you can see, LeadnLead is an opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn account and add new features!

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