How to recruit with LeadnLead?

How to recruit using LeadnLead?

Finding talent is a crucial step as a leader. Finding the right people is the key to propelling your business toward new goals. 

But recruiting is also a challenge, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. This is where LeadnLead comes in: it is your ally to simplify and boost the recruitment process.

How to write a good catchphrase? 

Customize the tagline

Personalizing your catchphrase is essential to establishing a trusted connection. Mention the qualities of the candidate's profile or their professional background. 

Use relevant information to show that you took the time to be interested in him, which increases the chances of getting his interest.

Example: "Hello [Name], I saw the projects you were able to carry out at [Previous company name]. I would like to discuss the opportunities available to you within [ Your business]."

Describe your business and its benefits

Paint a real and optimistic portrait of your business, highlight the different advantages your company offers. This makes the job offer more attractive to candidates.

Example: "At [Your company], a position becomes available as [position name]. We are interested in your profile.
By joining our team, you will benefit from benefits in kind (works council, restaurant vouchers) or even an optimal quality of life at work: state-of-the-art equipment, teleworking accepted,…”

Promote the position in question

Give a complete job description, highlighting key responsibilities, challenges and growth opportunities. 

Show candidates what they could accomplish in this role.

Example: “As you will have understood, we are not recruiting a “profile” but a personality. If you like the missions offered, know that they can also evolve quickly.”

Create FOMO

Set an application submission date to create a sense of urgency. 

Make it clear that candidates must act quickly to avoid missing this opportunity.

Example: "You are aware of this hiring in advance, because we have made a pre-selection of profiles that are likely to interest us. The ad will be published within 1 week, so this gives you time to think to our proposal."

The Invitation sequence + 2 LeadnLead messages: the perfect opportunity to recruit your future talent! 

Sending the invitation

Make a pre-selection of your potential candidates and launch a campaign Invitation + 2 messages. LeadnLead will take care of automating the sending of your invitations. Depending on your package, this delivery time will be more or less important.

Sending a message

Once your candidate has accepted your invitation, he will receive, depending on the deadline you have chosen in your campaign, a first message where you can first present your company, the position offered as well as an indication of the deadline. answer.

Sending a reminder message

If your candidate has not read or responded to your first message, the second message allows you to follow up. 

Here you can send it a few days before the CV / cover letter deadline and provide a reminder of the benefits your company is full of. 

How to recruit using LeadnLead? - What you must remember

Recruiting requires thinking about a strategic approach, and LeadnLead proves to be a powerful tool for automating and optimizing this process. 

Personalization, job valorization, creating FOMO and smart use of the Invitation + 2 Messages sequence are key elements to attract the best talent.

By using these tips, you will not only be able to simplify recruitment but also reinforce the attractiveness of your company on the job market. 

We hope that our article will be useful to you, and happy recruiting to you! 🤝

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