How to recruit on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the essential tool for finding qualified talent.

With more than 740 million active members worldwide, LinkedIn offers enormous potential for your recruitment. But how to recruit on LinkedIn? How to target your candidates? We explain how to optimize your recruitment in this article by LeadnLead. 🖊️

Develop the employer brand

To be visible to the best candidates, make sure your company's LinkedIn page is optimized: complete all sections with a clear description of your company, your values and your job opportunities. Use relevant keywords to improve your visibility in search results.

To increase your chances of recruiting the rare gem, it is essential to regularly update your personal account or your LinkedIn page. You can share news about your business, blog articles and develop your personal branding

Another tip for recruiting on LinkedIn, it is important to optimize the profile of your recruitment manager (HRD) in order to attract the best candidates. In the highly competitive job market, knowing how to attract and retain talent is key! 🎯 And it starts on LinkedIn.

Come on, it's a gift, we leave you our article for have a profile photo and an attractive LinkedIn banner . 🤩

Use advanced search to target your candidates 

LinkedIn's advanced search function is a powerful tool for finding qualified candidates who match your expectations. You can use these free filters on LinkedIn: 

  • the location

  • the job title

  • the desired experience

  • the skills acquired

Believe us, by using this feature you will find the best profiles that match your needs. 🚀

Get involved in professional groups

Do not hesitate to join relevant groups, linked to your sector of activity to come into contact with qualified profiles. This will allow you to develop your network and attract the attention of potential candidates.

Use Boolean operators on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has implemented an even more advanced functionality to find the ideal candidate = [boolean operators]( linkedin?lang=fr). 

Does this term mean nothing to you? We'll explain! 

These operators are used to combine several searches at once to have even more targeted and precise search results. 🎯

Here's how to use them (they must all be entered in capital letters, we promise we won't yell at you): 

  • “NOT”: This is the term before your search term to exclude skills. This helps limit your search results. 

For example, you are looking for a community manager. You can write “community manager NOT freelance”. 

  • “AND”: This is the term to enter to filter your results more precisely.

    For example, “Graphic designer AND videographer”.

  • “OR”: This term allows you to display results that contain at least one word entered in your search. Your search results will therefore be more populated.

    For example, “communication OR marketing”

  • In quotation marks (“”): By entering your search in quotation marks, you will find searches which contain only the term noted by you.

Use recommendations

Recruitment can also be successful through word of mouth on LinkedIn. You can ask your employees, colleagues and partners to recommend qualified candidates or share your job postings with their network. 

It’s a simple technique to implement and can be useful for identifying quality candidates.

Download LeadnLead! 

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How to recruit on LinkedIn? - what you must remember

As you will have understood, recruiting on LinkedIn, each profile is unique, with its skills and potential to discover.

Cultivate the curiosity of your candidates by optimizing your profile and company page, using advanced search, relevant filters and creating relevant content. You will increase your chances of finding qualified candidates. 

Use recommendations, connections, filters and alerts to refine your search. 

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that your search for candidates on LinkedIn will be fruitful! 🤝

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