How to publish your CV on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the first global platform dedicated to B2B. it’s also an opportunity to find the job of your dreams. To do this, it is possible to integrate your CV directly into your LinkedIn profile.

But how do you integrate your CV into your LinkedIn profile? This is what we are going to see today. 

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Import your CV

On Linkedin, you have 2 ways to import your CV: 

  • You can import your CV in PDF if you have previously created it,

  • Or generate a CV automatically with LinkedIn using your experiences that you have already published on the platform. 

How to import your CV in PDF format? 

  • Click on “You” then “Preferences and Privacy”

  • Scroll to “Data Privacy” then go to “Applicant Preferences”

Enable sharing of resume data with recruiters, then click “Upload Resume”

The LeadnLead hack: You can import several CVs so that you can adjust the wording and apply for several positions without having to constantly redo your CV! Magical, right?

How to import your CV with your LinkedIn profile? 

If you haven't yet had time to create your own CV, don't panic! you can generate a PDF with your experiences noted on LinkedIn.

To do this, go to your profile, click on the “PLUS” CTA, then on “Save as PDF”

However, we still advise you to create your own CV in your image.

Apply with your CV on LinkedIn

Once this first step has been completed, you can now start applying to different advertisements

To do this, go to Job Offers then type the name of your profession in the search bar, as well as your location. 

Now open All LinkedIn filters and check the “Simplified Application” box

All you have to do is apply and find the long-awaited job!

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