How to make a recommendation on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, your professional image can make all the difference in your career. This image evolves over LinkedIn recommendations, which are in reality a very valuable resource, a sign of trust and expertise. These recommendations arouse the interest of recruiters, colleagues and potential employers.

But how do you make a recommendation on LinkedIn? Can we ask a client or colleague to write us a recommendation? 

This is what we will see in this LeadnLead article.

Make a recommendation on LinkedIn


1. Consider your recommendation

Before you start writing, think about what you want to emphasize about the person in question. What skills and human qualities do you want to highlight? 

Having a clear vision will guide you throughout your writing and allow you to not forget anything.

2. Personalize a recommendation

Take the time to personalize your message! Recommendations that are not carefully thought out and written lack credibility and impact.

Do not hesitate to contextualize and detail the project(s) on which you worked together, the skills and common sense that the person was able to demonstrate,... In short, everything that marked this collaboration. This shows readers that your recommendation is genuine and based on real experience.

3. Pay attention to tone and language

The tone of your recommendation should be both professional and warm. Use positive language and avoid overly generic sentences. 

Feel free to include anecdotes or concrete examples that illustrate your points. Being specific, giving details will give your recommendation a personal touch that will make it more impactful and personal.

Post a recommendation on LinkedIn

Once your recce is written, it’s time to publish it! 

To do this, go to the LinkedIn profile of your interlocutor. 

Click “More” and “Recommend”

LinkedIn will then ask you to give it information regarding your relationship level and when did you collaborate with this person.

Recommend skills on LinkedIn

If you want to highlight the skills of a colleague without writing text, you can recommend the skills that they have included on their LinkedIn profile.

To do this, scroll through their profile until you arrive at “Skills”, simply click on “Recommend”.

Request a recommendation

Send a recommendation request

Most users expect recommendations to come naturally from a colleague or client, without knowing that you can ask them via LinkedIn. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation!  This is an opportunity to mutually recognize your skills and accomplishments. By asking for a recommendation, you also show that you are willing to recognize and celebrate the professional successes of your colleagues. It is a positive approach that strengthens professional relationships.

If you want to send a massive recommendation request to your colleagues or customers, you can also [launch a “Message” campaign to your connections]( all-his-list-of-contacts-on-linkedin/) of the 1st degree.

How to send a recommendation request

To do this, go to your employee's profile. 

In “More”, click on “Request a recommendation” 

At this stage, you will have to indicate to LinkedIn what your relationship was with the person (client, employee, manager, etc.) and in what job you worked with this person.

You can then personalize the message that will be sent to the person you are asking. This is what she will receive

The redirection link will take them to a “Recommend” CTA (Call To Action) which will open the next page 👇

How to make a recommendation on LinkedIn? - What you must remember

As you will have understood, writing recommendations for those who have marked your professional career is a way to cultivate your relationships and improve your online presence. 

Making or requesting a recommendation is, in a way, highlighting the human and professional qualities of your employees. 

By following a few writing rules, each recommendation becomes a cornerstone in building a solid professional network.

We hope this article has been useful to you!

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