How to create a carousel on LinkedIn?

How to create a carousel on LinkedIn?

The carousel (pronounced “carouzel”, not “carrousel”) is the format of the moment! It can be found on various social networks and in particular on LinkedIn. 

It is the ideal medium for creating content, presenting products or services, sharing tips or highlighting customer testimonials. 

But let's start at the beginning: what is a carousel? 🤔

The LinkedIn carousel: definition

The LinkedIn carousel is a posting format that allows you to post multiple images in a single post. 

Unlike traditional publications where you can only publish a single image, it is possible with the carousel to illustrate your words as you wish, with an infinite number of slides (as long as you do not exceed the maximum recommended size).

This publication format is very popular on LinkedIn because it allows you to diversify the content and attract the attention of the audience in a more fun and interactive way. In addition, if you manage to attract attention and generate swipes, the LinkedIn algorithm will judge your post to be relevant and highlight it on the news feed.

Why post a carousel on LinkedIn? 

It’s not for nothing that carousels are omnipresent on Linkedin. They have different advantages: 

  • With the carousel, you can share a story or a series of images that will hold your audience's attention longer than a simple post.

  • The LinkedIn carousel allows you to diversify your content using different formats like images, text or infographics. This can make your profile more interesting and attractive.

  • You can use the LinkedIn carousel to share tips, tricks, or even tutorials to showcase your expertise.

  • By offering original and engaging content, you can increase your visibility on the platform and thus strengthen your online presence.

  • By adding interactive elements like quizzes or surveys, you can encourage your audience to interact with your content and thus boost engagement on your LinkedIn post.

How to create a carousel on LinkedIn? 

  1. Once your carousel is created, export it to PDF 

  2. In editing a LinkedIn post, choose “Document” at the bottom

  3. Insert your PDF file and add a title to your document

  4. Click “finish” and add the written content of the post

  5. Then click on “post” and that’s it! ????

The LeadnLead tip: don't forget to write an impactful post, use the AIDA method to write an impactful post and insert [emojis]( -copy-paste/) to attract the reader's attention!

What are the dimensions of a LinkedIn carousel?

Here are the different conditions to respect when creating a LinkedIn carousel:

  • The recommended size for your carousel is 1080x1350 px for a portrait format or 1080x1080 px for a square format.

  • The maximum weight of the carousel is 10 MB.

  • It is recommended to limit yourself to 150 characters for text content. Prioritize the image!

  • The document title can contain up to 100 characters.

How to create a carousel on LinkedIn? - what you must remember

If you are looking to increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn, you can use the carousel.

Whether you choose to share tips, infographics, or blog content, carousel posts are a powerful way to bring the community together and share your knowledge. 

It is important to pay attention to the design of the carousel. Make it both readable and attractive. At the end of the document, insert a question to encourage interaction and ask for a like if your community liked the post! 👍

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