Everything you need to know about LinkedIn impressions

When you publish a post, you see a number of impressions. Sometimes important, sometimes disappointing. The number of impressions of a post determines the performance of LinkedIn content. In this article, we will clearly explain what LinkedIn impressions are, why are they important and how to increase them?

What are LinkedIn Impressions?

LinkedIn impressions represent the number of times your content was displayed on a user's News Feed or profile page. Prints may include multiple views by the same person.

Why are LinkedIn impressions important?

LinkedIn impressions are important to your LinkedIn marketing strategy because they indicate the reach of your content. The more views it gets, the more likely it is that users will engage with your post and get your brand recognized. Impressions are an indicator of the visibility of your content and the impact of your marketing strategy.

Some tips to increase your LinkedIn impressions

#1 Publish quality content regularly

Educating your readers, providing added value and offering interesting content that “does a service” to Internet users can help you improve the number of LinkedIn impressions. Regularity is also important. Suggest a meeting to your followers. To find out which is the most relevant publication day, do not hesitate to test several slots.

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#2 Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags can help your content be discovered by users who don't already follow you. Use relevant hashtags for your content, but don’t overuse them. Hashtags can help increase your impressions, but they can also make your content harder to read, so use them sparingly.

#3 Identify relevant people and businesses

Identify applicable people and companies for your content and mention them in your posts. This can help expand your reach and increase your impressions. Make sure the people and companies you mention are active on LinkedIn. If they interact with your post, this will increase the number of LinkedIn impressions.

#4 Involve your audience

Encourage your audience to like, comment and share your content. This can help improve the reach of your content and increase your LinkedIn impressions. Ask questions in your posts to encourage engagement from your audience.

#5 Share your post as a private message

If you have an automatic message sending solution, it might be interesting to share the link to your post with more than a hundred people. Choose strategic issuers who might be interested in the subject raised. Invite them to read your content, it might be useful to them. Ask them to comment on reviews to increase your LinkedIn impressions. 

#6 Analyze your content statistics

Use analytics from your content to understand what's working and what's not. This can help you adjust your content strategy and increase your impressions. LinkedIn offers statistics for each post, which include the number of impressions, clicks and engagements.

LinkedIn Impressions: What to Remember

In conclusion, to increase LinkedIn impressions of a post, you need to regularly post quality content, use relevant hashtags, tag active people and businesses, engage your audience, share the link of your post via private message, and analyze the statistics of your content. By following these tips, you can improve the reach of your content and increase your impressions on LinkedIn.

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