5 tools to be visible on LinkedIn

Being visible on LinkedIn doesn't happen by magic. Initially there are some actions to be done manually, then others that you can now automate! 
But what actions should be done manually? What tools should I use to be visible and stand out on LinkedIn in an automated way? 

This is what we will see together in this article.

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

Get involved on LinkedIn

What is engagement on LinkedIn? 

Getting involved on LinkedIn isn’t just about liking posts. 

This involves commenting and sharing content that speaks to you, with which you can interact, bounce back and in turn question your community. You have to show that you are very active and interested in current affairs!

Writing on LinkedIn, is it important?

Beyond that, it is strongly recommended to create content that differentiates you from other creators. Share your experience, your advice, your successes, your failures. Show your expertise and help others grow. This is what will be your strength and will generate interest around your posts.

LeadnLead advice: automate your sending of invitations and messages using our Chrome extension. To find out more, we give you 4 good reasons to automate these actions on LinkedIn.

Should you use hashtags on LinkedIn?

Using relevant hashtags allows your post to be seen by more people who are interested in the same topic. Do not neglect them !

What tools to be visible on LinkedIn?

Chat GPT

GPT chat to be visible on LinkedIn

As you can see, creating content is essential to attract attention and be visible on LinkedIn. 

Chat GPT, it is the ideal tool that can help you generate impactful texts and publications... Provided you write your prompts well to invite your audience to commit.


Notion to be visible on LinkedIn

Planning your posts is the key to being visible on LinkedIn. Notion, it is the ideal all-in-one tool for organizing your editorial strategy. With its project management, editorial calendar and team collaboration features, you can optimize your online presence and ensure the consistency of your publications.

Google Trends

Google Trends to be visible on LinkedIn

To be impactful and relevant in your comments, it is crucial to keep up to date with news that is of interest

Google Trends is a tool that helps you monitor trending topics. You can adapt your content based on trends to maximize the reach of your posts. 

Google Alerts

Google Alerts to be visible on LinkedIn

Stay up to date with the latest articles related to your keywords using Google Alerts
By creating alerts for your brand, your industry or specific topics, you are informed in real time of relevant news and you create opportunities to participate in key conversations on LinkedIn.

Redact AI

Redact AI to be visible on LinkedIn

Redact AI, it’s a revelation at LeadnLead! By inserting the subject of your choice, several options are available to you: 

  • Find an idea for your LinkedIn posts

  • Generate a post using their very advanced technology (you can add the tone of your choice, for example) 

  • Plan the post generated by Redact AI using their calendar. 

5 tools to be visible on LinkedIn - what to remember

5 tools to be visible on LinkedIn - what you need to remember

Using these different tools can greatly help you improve your visibility on LinkedIn, because each has its own specificity. 

Obviously, you have to learn to use them intelligently to remain authentic in your publications. Although Chat GPT is a very powerful tool, the turns of phrase or words used are not the most used by your readers.

LeadnLead Tip: Don't forget to add additional details, specific examples, and tips to maximize the use of these tools on LinkedIn.

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