5 Steps to Reaching Customers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE professional network of reference for all BtoB prospecting. And that’s no secret.

But how to reach new customers on LinkedIn? 

There are 2 schools

  • Those who like to present their product directly, without going through the Social Warming. box 

  • Those who prefer a more subtle approach, by exchanging and getting to know the person to become a reference in this field in the eyes of the prospect.

In any case, what we know is that with its +950 million users, your product has every chance of being successful. 

But to do this, you have to learn how to reach your customers on LinkedIn

And that is the subject of this article. 

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

1. Define your target and objectives

This is the advice that we can never say enough... 

By “Defining your target and objectives”, we mean: 

  • Define your age,

  • Define your sector of activity, 

  • What are their motivations, their obstacles to purchasing? 

To do this, create personas representative of your prospects to better understand them, carry out competitive intelligence to always be up to date. 

To go further, you can use Boolean operators in your LinkedIn searches.

2. Follow relevant profiles on LinkedIn

Once the first step is reached, create interaction with your target! 💭

To do this, LeadnLead advises you to visit and follow the profiles that correspond to your ideal client. 

Remember: interaction attracts attention

And getting attention takes time. And this is where LeadnLead comes in. 👊

With LeadnLead, you can: 

➡️ Filter and find your customers, quickly and easily

➡️ Send, automate personalized messages using variables,

➡️ Monitor campaigns using an intuitive dashboard, in real time

3. Write LinkedIn posts with added value

To reach customers on LinkedIn, don't hesitate to offer engaging content to generate interest and stimulate discussion. 

You can also, in the sequences automated by LeadnLead, send a first message like “Did you know?” to reveal initial content, then naturally redirect your reader to one of your LinkedIn posts or a blog article.

4. Commenting on posts on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn as a platform to publish content on your preferred fields. 

If your post works in the first 15 minutes, it is likely to reach a large audience! 

5. Join groups on LinkedIn

Leadnlead advice ???? to increase interactions tenfold, you can join LinkedIn groups related to your activity. Above all, be active! ⚡

It’s a unique space to meet professionals in your field and reach your target directly!

5 Steps to Reaching Customers on LinkedIn – What to Remember

As you will have understood, it is essential to follow this to-do to reach your customers on LinkedIn. We summarize it for you in a few lines: 

➡️ Start by clearly defining your target audience and goals, then optimize your profile and actively follow relevant profiles.

➡️ Share quality content offering real added value to your prospects. 

➡️ Use the platform to regularly publish content relevant to your areas of expertise. 

➡️ Actively interact in groups by commenting relevantly on the publications of your target audience.

If you follow these steps, there is no doubt that you will acquire new customers.

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