5 examples of LinkedIn messages to copy/paste

By using LeadnLead, the objective is to attract as many people as possible by sending automated messages.

Like any prospecting, your objective is to arouse the curiosity of your prospect, to subsequently generate a second contact, then a sale.

Do you want to hook your prospects and increase your response rate on LinkedIn? 

Today we are revealing to you 5 examples of LinkedIn messages that you can use for the sequence Invitation + 2 messages and successfully make contact.

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

LinkedIn invitation message 

Hello [[firstname]]

I noticed that we share a common interest in [topic].

Looking forward to discussing the subject with you! 

[Your first name]

⚠️ Good to know 

Invitations without a message are more likely to be accepted, for a very simple reason 🧸

Invitation messages can seem too direct and aggressive to the person receiving them. 

➡️ It is better to initiate the conversation once the prospect has accepted your invitation. This way, you have a better chance that he will respond to you and that the exchange will be expected. 

Thank you message after your prospect accepts the LinkedIn invitation


Thank you for accepting my invitation!

We look forward to discussing our different areas of expertise with you. 

[Your first name]

🤩 LeadnLead Tip 

1️⃣ Be clear and concise 

Take a clear approach. Put yourself in your prospect’s place and ask yourself: “Why am I reading this message? What do I have to gain from it? What is the point of continuing the discussion?”_

2️⃣ Personalize your messages

Personalization proves that you are interested in him and that you have done a minimum of research before sending your message. Remember, everyone likes to feel special. ✨

3️⃣ Write short messages

No one likes receiving endless messages, especially on social media. They tend to discourage your leads from reading you. 

Sometimes, that’s how we stay “read” or “put back”.

Additionally, short messages require less effort from your prospects. It’s up to you to be impactful! 🥊

Moreover, 57% of users access LinkedIn from their mobile devices.

Source: Linkedin: The essential figures in 2023 in France and around the world

4️⃣ Don’t pitch from the first message

Don't rush your leads, give them time to get to know you before selling your products or services. 

LinkedIn prospecting message as a salesperson


I noticed that within [[company:"your company"]] you are interested in [a specific interest or project of the prospect]

As a specialist in [your area of expertise], I would like to discuss how [products/services] could help you achieve your sales goals. 

Would you be available soon to discuss this subject?

Looking forward to it!

[Your first name]

🤩LeadnLead Tip 

1️⃣ Personalize your messages according to your target

It is important to always take into account and adapt your speech depending on the person you are contacting. 

Find out about their position, their interests and, above all, their needs!

2️⃣ Be relevant about what you can bring to him

Clearly show how you can add value or help them solve their problem. Reassure him and demonstrate your expertise.

LinkedIn prospecting message as a freelancer


Since [year of launch of your business], I have supported more than [X] companies in [your activity]. As [your profession], I am convinced that [sales arguments]

My service and advice contributed to the achievement of their objectives and the growth of the company. 

I would like to discuss more with you about how we could collaborate.

Kind regards,

[Your first name]

Restart message following a first message sent without response

It often happens that the message sent remains unanswered... And yet your lead has seen it clearly. 👀

Your prospect may have seen your message but not had time to respond, or perhaps they simply forgot about it.

Imagine the number of invitations and messages he can receive every day, your message is just one among many. This is why it is important to relaunch them. 

Here's an example right here 👇


I wanted to come back to my previous message. Have you had a chance to think about my proposal?

Here are my contact details: 
📞 (phone)
📨 (mail)

Kind regards,

[Your first name]

🤩 LeadnLead Tip

It is recommended to send 2 reminders

Favor short messages to relaunch your leads, while pressing on the previous message. Please ensure that these 2 reminder messages are not a series of repetitions of the same message. Bring added value to every follow-up!

5 examples of LinkedIn messages to copy/paste - what you need to remember

You will have understood, to hook a lead, it is important to: 

➡️ Qualify him and prepare his messages in advance

➡️ Adapt your speech according to your target

➡️ Favor short and concise messages

➡️ Don’t rush your prospects

➡️ Do not hesitate to restart them

To succeed in prospecting, the making contact stage is crucial. Do you remember the famous AIDA technique? 
PS: If you haven't seen it yet, it's here: [Use the AIDA method for your LinkedIn messages](https://leadnlead.com/emploi-la-methode-aida-pour-ses-messages -linkedin/)

Moreover, if you want to excel in prospecting, we invite you to register for Julie's free training:


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