4 good reasons to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

4 good reasons to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This is why automating your prospecting using LeadnLead is an opportunity to easily find new customers automatically and easily, without effort.

Today, LeadnLead gives you 4 advantages of automating your prospecting on LinkedIn!

Save time and money 

Automating your prospecting on LinkedIn saves valuable time by eliminating tedious and repetitive manual tasks. This means you can spend more time on other tasks like content creation or customer relationship management.

Automating prospecting on LinkedIn can also help you save money. While the subscription may scare off some, it may be cheaper in the long run than paying an employee to perform these prospecting tasks.

Another important point is that automating your prospecting can help you increase your conversion rate. It’s mathematical, automating your prospecting allows you to reach more prospects in a short time and therefore guarantee more sales and return on investment.

Improve the quality of your prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to filter qualified prospects based on your criteria. LeadnLead is able to extract these prospects after filtering them. You therefore have more chances of communicating with quality leads.

You can sort prospects according to their geographic location, their sector of activity, their current position, etc. In other words, you can reach a wider and more qualified audience thanks to automatic prospecting.

Increase your response rate

LeadnLead allows you to personalize your prospecting messages. Thanks to variables you can integrate the first name, last name, company, etc. of your prospect into your LinkedIn message.

Personalization has a proven track record in marketing. This is a technique that allows you to soften your reader. Your message will seem unique and your prospect will feel compelled to respond to it. Thus, a personalized message has a response rate of 64%.

Based on the information available on the prospect's profile, you can send relevant and interesting messages that will increase your chances of converting.

Track your LinkedIn prospecting performance in real time

Automate your prospecting also allows you to easily track your prospects and your interactions with them to better understand their behavior and thus improve your commercial approach.

With LeadnLead, all your actions are transcribed into an intuitive dashboard. You can see who opened your message, who replied to your messages and who visited your profile. This gives you an overview of the effectiveness of your prospecting and helps you better understand the behavior of your prospects. It is interesting to use this information to refine your strategy and improve your results.

4 good reasons to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn - what to remember

As you will have understood, automating your prospecting on LinkedIn allows you to optimize your actions and achieve more relevant results, quickly.

Today, making this task automatic makes it possible to carry out large-scale prospecting by sending messages to around a hundred prospects every day.

Imagine the savings in time and money in the long term. LeadnLead is an effective prospecting tool, which will make a difference in your daily life.

Ready, set, prospect! 🚀

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